your one extra marketing department

writing. thinking. delivering.

If you're doing business, you're doing marketing.


You may wish you had a bigger marketing department. Or any marketing department. But you rely on adhoc freelance support.


A copywriter for here. A consultant for there. A project manager for every-bloody-where. 

A quasi-department of multiple freelancers. With no commitment to your business. 

Leaving you with all the cost. For none of the care.

Marketing Business Human

freelance marketing support for humans 

1 Extra Word brings over 25 years' experience to help businesses like yours do better marketing.

We think. We write. We deliver. Separately. Or together. We flex to work in the right way for your business right now. 

We take your business personally. By treating your business like one person. With one voice. Having one conversation. With one other person. 

​We write one person writes to his Mum.

We approach one person helps her friend.

We deliver projects... like one person delivers groceries to their neighbour.

​It's like marketing, but one-to-one. Done by people. To people. With people. For people. 

We call it marketing business human.

It is not just what you say that matters. It is the words you use to say it.


Everyone talks about SEO, readability, keywords and rules, rules, rules.

We talk about what people like to read.


We write like people talk.

We Write. Business. Human.


For some, a dirty word.


It is shiny suited salespeople. It is pre-packaged patented platforms.


We do not come with any assumptions. We do not come with anything to sell.


We come with open minds and open ears.


We are the consultants who speak like people.

We Think. Business. Human.

It takes more to deliver your project than a timing plan.


Sure, we will look after your timings.


But we will also reduce duplication, simplify processes, and ensure efficiency.


We know people work better with people.


We Deliver. Business. Human.

When you're marketing your business, make sure you're marketing your business human.

Discover how 1 Extra Word can write, think and deliver

better marketing for your business. 

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