Bingo Dabbers

Copywriting that writes businesses human

At 1 Extra Word, we write businesses human.

It means not writing in a special way for your business, just because it's a business. It means avoiding the hackneyed cliches of business-speak that you're used to.


It means reading our copy won't help you win a game of bull***t bingo.

Instead, we use the same language real people use. In real life.


It's a surprisingly unusual approach.  

A crowd or people walking through the streets

Bring out the personality of your business.

If you want to improve your business writing, we've got some techniques here that can help you write your business human.


Find out how to choose the right humanising territory to suit your business.


Learn the difference between a Style Guide and a Tone of Voice. And how to approach writing both to improve your own business writing.


And why not look at your current business writing against our checklist to see if it could be improved by being more human.

Take a territory

How to make your business sound human, but also remain natural. 

See which approach best suits your type of business.

Select your style 

How to make sure copy is consistent, no matter who is doing the copywriting.  

Learn about Style Guides and what they need to include.

Pick your personality

How to make your business copywriting less generic, and more like your business. 

Learn what goes into a Tone of Voice document.

Check your copy

How do you know if your existing copywriting is more heinous than human?

See how your copy stands up to our simple checklist.