56 Songs of Love

A poem of borrowed lyrics for Valentine's Day

Red, pink and white beads are spread on a red background. In the centre, the beads have come together to form a heart shape
All photos by Gabby K from Pexels

What is love?

Do you want to know?

Your love – if it is true and real – is strange.

It is the drug, my drug.

If I get addicted, it becomes all that you and I need.

And how deep that hurts.

Red an white confetti on a pink background. The confetti has a space in the middle that is shaped like a heart

Love is endless.


Love – when we've found it – is all around us in the air.

It takes over.

Having somebody to love changes everything.

It lifts us up, higher and higher.

On a pink background, sprinkled with red and white confetti sits four biscuits. The biscuits are in the shape of letters and spell out the word love

Love is a crazy little thing.

It's crazy stupid. And crazy. And stupid.

I wonder - when you tell me that you love me - if this is love.

Love like this, like you do.

Is it everlasting, for all time and forever?

Did I find my love?

5 heart shaped biscuits set in a row on a pink background

Or is it that love lies?

It isn’t real?

Does it make me tough - with the power and glory given to me

So I'd do anything?

Or am I a victim of the same old story

You tell in the way you lie when you’re drunk?


These may seem four thought-provoking, emotionally-moving original stanzas of verse.

And they may not.

The entire thing is a mash-up, containing references to 56 popular song titles.

At least, that's 56 I counted. With my limited music knowledge, it's likely there are many more.

How many can you find?

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