If Pets Had Thumbs...and Spoke

A few (imagined) words from our customers on this day of days

I am not going to try and understand the reason this day exists, but it really does. And it has done so for 26 years (at the time of writing).

I could have written a thousand or so words on pets, personification and pronouns but I thought what would be more fun would be to look at pictures of animals with thumbs photoshopped on them.

You're welcome.

A pug wearing a face mask with its thumb in the air
A pug gives us a plug

You don't want copy that just wheels out the same old tired clichés of business-speak. Don't worry. With 1 Extra Word, you're in safe hands.

A rabbit looks at the camera holding its thumbs aloft
It's no hair-brained idea

Your copy should sound like it's written for humans, by humans. We think you will find that 1 Extra Word does the trick.

A Pomeranian wearing glasses sits at a keyboard with his thumb up in the air
A pretty pleased Pom.

You want to stand out from the crowd, but you don't want to look like an amateur. 1 Extra Word will make you excited about your copy once more.

1 Extra Word writes copy and develops content that humanises businesses to thank, help, reward - and generally flirt with - their customers, prospects and employees.
Whatever your brief, if you think people should enjoy your emails, socialise your social posts and have fun with your FAQs, visit 1ExtraWord.com
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