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One extra work.

A few words.

These are just a few highlights of our work. If you'd like more detail, we've put together a pdf which you can download to read at your leisure. 

And if you've any specific question, just get in touch.


Putting words to music

Example copy

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance offer industry-leading training for all levels of musicians and singers. We brought a musicality to the copy used to promote these courses on their website.


Putting the spotlight on theatre

Example copy

BroadwayBaby were known for their Edinburgh Fringe Festival coverage. To extend this remit into the West End, it wouldn’t be enough to just get in. They would need to get noticed. Since joining them as Senior Theatre critic, my reviews have been noticed more than 275,000 times.

Boozr logo


Socialising a social network

Example copy

The objective of new social networking app, Boozr, was to get you back to being social in real life. Boozr needed to sound like just another mate. We helped develop a tone of voice that could be used consistently within the app, on the app stores, and in advertising

Unilever bee logo


Writing the helpful into helpdesk

Example copy

When writing the content for Unilever’s new digital helpdesk, we wanted people to understand it without needing help from another helpdesk. We simplified terminology, breaking everything down into the Anti-Acronym, the Headline and the Easy Explanation.

Costa Coffee logo

Costa Coffee

From pitch to personal

Example copy

The strategy was sound. The presentation was perfected. But the words were generic. We were asked to personalise the content for the intended audience at Costa Coffee. Without making any material impact to the strategy or the presentation.


FAQs where the f is for friendly

Example copy

The problem with the typical structure of FAQs is the way they rely on questions that are never asked frequently. It's not the question that's common, it's the problem. We used this insight to turns FAQs into Problems Shared, Simply Solved.

Neem Consulting

Because consultants are human too

Example copy

To call yourself a consultant, you need a lexicon of vaguely defined verbs and a business registered with your name followed by the word Consulting. When they relaunched their website, we wanted to make the people behind Neem Consulting sound more human.

This is just a brief splattering of work we've done. Hopefully it gives a flavour of our approach to writing business human.

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