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one extra word (or two) on the extra words we use 

Welcome to my blog, Words on Words. It's a (mostly) light-hearted look at the words I find wonderful and the language I think lovely.

In Language for Life, read how words came to be the words we use today. And get tips to help remember those annoying rules of grammar that fox most of us from time to time.


(Yes, we mean you whom and who. And where do you think you're going its and it's?


In Words at Work, you'll find ideas that could help improve the writing you have to do at work. Simple things that will make your business sound more human. 

If there's one extra word that's always bothered you... If you've one extra word you'd love to know the origins of... Or if there's one extra rule of grammar that you'd like me to clarify, just let me know. Comment below or email me at

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