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One extra word in marketing consultancy. 

Consultancy that listens. 

What is a marketing consultant?

Simple question, right?

Google may disagree.

Each year 7,000 people in the UK start their own business by putting the word ‘consulting/ancy’ after their name. Those businesses will likely provide 7,000 different services.


'Consultancy' is ambiguous enough for it to mean anything and everything. And often nothing.


There’s a lot of fluffy thinkers out there.

Thinking. We make sure we shut up and listen.

Our approach

We will be honest.


At 1 Extra Word, we don't have some unique patent-pending consultancy offering.

We've no trademarked planning tools. No insight-generating process. No catchy mnemonics. No pretty Prezi. No pretentious puffery. 

What we do have is honesty. It's more groundbreaking than you might think.     


Our consultancy is for when you need freelance marketing support to do…stuff.


Not copywriting. Not project management. When you need to take pause, to reevaluate, to improve. To consider things differently.

Whatever you need, we start by listening.

Still not clear what freelance consultancy from 1 Extra Word provides?

Here are just a few examples of the things we often help Clients with.



Running brainstorms

Evaluating strategies

SWOT analyses

Product propositions 



Deep-dive process audits
Financial analyses
Template & tool creation
Efficiency health checks



Client/employee satisfaction 
Survey creation & evaluation
Employee benefits solutions
Change management

Plan ready for action?

Pop us an email and tell us more.

Or drop us your deets here and we will get back to you soonest.

Not what you're looking for?

Would copywriting be of more use to you?


Or how about freelance project management?

Or would you prefer to pop out for a game of Scrabble? Ponder. Clear your head. (Then pop right back please.)

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