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If you've got the copy, we don't need a brief. 

Sometimes you have copy written. It could be already live. It could be sitting in your drafts folder, waiting to be finalised. But you're just not sure whether it's, well, you know, quite right.


Whether it just needs a new pair of eyes, a bit more branding, a refresh or a good deep clean, you can get copywriting help quickly and easily. Take a look at our 1 Extra Extra packages.

The benefits of a copywriting service. Without the extra process. One draft. No brief required.

Simply send us your existing copy and we return it, improved upon as per your chosen package. Whether you want it marked up, so that you can decide what to implement, or written-ready. 

The only thing brief is the turnaround time.  

You may have already run the copy through an online editing tool.

Bronze gives you proofing with the extra benefit of common sense and a human eye. 


Personal proofreading 

Against generally accepted rules of English spelling and grammar

  • We use Merriam-Webster as our dictionary reference as we find it to be more real-life appropriate.


Of things such as language, capitalisation, abbreviations, sentence structure.

Costs start at £30*.


Taking the inputs from the Bronze level proofing and changes.


Silver looks at levels of readability and accessibility.



Using a combination of sources, we will assess readability and accessibility of copy.

Along with the overall readability grade, we will look at:

  • Words per sentence (WPS)

  • Sentences per paragraph (SPP)

  • Appropriate use of subheadings

  • Appropriate use of passive voice.

Costs start at £35*.​


Taking the inputs from the Bronze level proofing and changes.


Gold considers consistency of tone and clarity of understanding. 



We will use your Tone of Voice guidelines if they exist

  • Otherwise we will assume a tone based on the copy you supply.


As well as any grammatical or spelling issues, we consider general sense and interpretation as to whether your intended message is likely to be understood.

Costs start at £40*.


Taking the inputs from Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. 

Platinum focuses on making overall improvements rather than specific proofing.


Platinum requirements

Full copy needs to exist and be supplied to work from

  • Jobs for which there is only an outline, or copy platform, require a full 1 Extra Word briefing.


Costs include one draft of copy only (EAOE).

  • We would expect the ‘nuts and bolts’ to be included in the existing copy.


​Costs start at £55*.​

*Costs quoted are per 500 words or part thereof and exclude VAT which is chargeable in addition. A one-off set-up cost of £35 is applicable for the first brief of a new client.