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Expert, Friendly Tutors in English & Maths

If you're looking for online or in-person tuition, you want to find an experienced tutor with an approach that works for your child.


Our tutors help KS3 and GCSE students improve their core skills in the key subjects: Maths and English. We aim to make One Extra Lesson something pupils enjoy, rather than dread.

We believe children learn better when they are engaged. By making every One Extra Lesson more enjoyable, pupils become more open to absorbing knowledge.


This approach leads to increased ability, boosted confidence, and, ultimately, improved grades.

Extra Tuition for GCSEs, the 11-Plus...and life

One Extra Lesson with our tutors can be used for help with awkward assignments or hard homework. Our English tutors can simplify SPaG or focus on a particularly tricky topic.


Worried about the11-Plus?

We have a 20-part course that covers all elements of English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Though it includes timed papers and tests, we aim to provide knowledge that will remain long after the exams have finished. 


GCSEs making you anxious?

All our lessons are exam-board agnostic and focus on the core skills any student needs to do well in their exams and in life.

For GCSE Maths, we look at the pathway topics that help pupils become mathematically fluent and more able to access many other topics in the curriculum. For GCSE English, we have a fully-rounded modular programme that has been created around the DoE's Assessment Objectives.

The GCSE English programme consists of 10 modules, each taking two to three 60-minute lessons to complete. Structured around a particular area of learning - reading and analysing, creative writing and writing style - every module includes tasks built to improve vocabulary, technical skills, comprehension and SPaG. All modules contain at least one piece of fiction or non-fiction. 

Flexible and Convenient

While pupils may benefit from 121 time with a tutor, working in small groups can also aide learning. Our tutors can adapt lessons for up to three pupils of similar ability.

Lessons take place either online or at your home (or another venue of your choosing). We're based in South London, but can travel anywhere (within reason).


We provide all materials. For online tutoring, pupils need access to a computer with webcam and microphone, and a strong internet connection.

Our tutors are DBS-checked: certificates available on request.


“Our son just wasn’t “getting it” in class. He understood how to spell words, but didn’t know what the words meant. Simon helped him use language better."

Mrs C. Beckenham.

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